Agency (Jackpot #2)

My rating: 3 stars

Spoilers below:

Very weird when the obvious criticism of a book is also the supposed central theme.

I loved The Peripheral, don’t get me wrong. This had a lot of its same charm, and if you also like Gibson as much as I do, you should certainly read it anyway. Nothing’s so terribly wrong here that I won’t finish out the trilogy, but…

At first I thought it was the characters in this that were deficient – Verity Jane a real nothingburger – but eventually I realized neither Verity Jane nor our old viewpoint character, Wilf, make any meaningful choice in the entire thing. The only plot there is just happens to them, via Eunice or Lowbeer. Quick time event game of a story. They have no…


No agency.

And Eunice and Lowbeer doing all the really cool shit – that’s off screen.

Am I misremembering how this book went? Can I really have forgotten something that would make it land?