good chocolate

milk hazelnut cookie 32% - Tony's Chocolonely

The idea is that it’s supposed to be a Ferrero Rocher without the atrocities, but it’s also fun that it’s a Ferrero Rocher in bar format, specifically.

However, it’s really annoying that the shapes are both deeply formed (so you can’t ignore them) and irregular (so you can’t reason about serving size / nutrition). It’s not like I want all the packaging that comes when you buy things in single servings, but at least they don’t thwart my attempts to keep track of this stuff…

ethics: the one that got me thinking about it

mayan milk chocolate - moonstruck

They don’t make this anymore, not as itself. I presume the “cinnamon milk chocolate” is the same, but… I used to love their deep blue and gold and their logo and later the beautiful St. John’s design they stamped on their bars. They did some redesign and retired the Maya naming, which is maybe better re: some view of authenticity, but… I feel somewhat betrayed. I don’t buy the new one.

ethics: potentially ok I’m not sure?

any of the bars with fun inclusions - cadbury in canada

Cadbury has the perfect texture for a milk chocolate bar. Lindt stuff is sort of nice, but can hit a bit waxy. While Cadbury can be overwhelmingly sweet, the milkiness just wins it time after time.

ethics: bad (mondelez)

bad chocolate


Apparently it’s supposed to be a distinctive and beloved American taste? But… I hate it?? I’m sure Lindor truffles are made just as cheaply, but at least they don’t taste like they’re mocking me. Hershey’s chocolate syrup is only good for chocolate milk (never hot cocoa) and it’s only writing this that I’m realizing I don’t expect chocolate milk to taste like proper chocolate.