I haven’t been crocheting much because my hand cramped and I’m terrified of tendon damage.

I do try to put photos up but for now you’re going to have to click through to Ravelry to see them.

herringbone square the first / finished

This was sort of derived from this herringbone pattern. I wanted the herringbone to be more dramatic. Next time I think I’d make the herringbone chains five stitches long and dip down two rows instead of one.

It’s a nice compact fabric; the sc-ch-sc-ch bit has a nicer look to it than sc alone and I’ll remember it for an unassuming background.

fan and v square / finished

Fan And V Afghan Square

This is a very cute pattern when she does it and it is more than a little…. bobbly… when I do it. I begin to suspect that there need to be fewer stitches in the fans and more in the chains, if you know what I mean. Still, that’s what I get for trying whatever project with the sizes of things I want to use. I only did one row round on the edge because if I end up wanting to use this in something, the seam will add width as well. Overall this was a great learning experience and I can definitely see wanting to use this stitch for a garment; it doesn’t have that “I only know one crochet stitch” look to it that I’m afraid of.

tiny fiddly snowflake / frogged

Snow Queen 12” Afghan Square

This doily-whatsit died a sad death when a supporting stitch from an earlier row split. Since the middle was asymmetrically lumpy anyway, we bid it adieu.

first trim / in progress

Found this pattern from Giani Art on YouTube. I’m not sure if blocking would help everything square out, but since it’s a length of trim, it probably isn’t worth it.