responding to this

I’ve been mulling over this for a bit. Robin Rendle’s thing on newsletters was pretty convincing to me in that… well, if you’re not going to blog enough for people to check in every day, then you need some way to get in an inbox of theirs that aggregates notifications. And RSS was the Right Way to do this, but basically only tech people use it now, and the thing other people are now using is email.

The thing is, an email list is an Asset in a way that’s sort of uncomfortable. If I put my RSS feed out there, maybe people read it, maybe they don’t. If I have a mailing list, I have something on these people. That’s weird!

And yet I love the newsletters I read through RSS and they echo the tone I loved about blogs back in The Day, and shoot, maybe that’s an integration an Indieweb proprietor should set up?