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I have a cron script checking for my annotations (using the API) that creates .md files (and the accompanying .md.meta files) for my tiddlywiki. But I’m extra lazy so I also automated some frontmatter to make it quick to shove (using other cron scripts that look for TW tags) into my site, which uses Jekyll, to make posts like this one.

Do you think any of that might be worth sharing? TW isn’t as au courant as Obsidian, so I don’t know if anyone else would end up using it.

Sample output:

title: "annotation of tesla patent reveals elon musk's 'table salt' lithium extraction process that could slash costs"
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date: "2021-07-16T18:03:39.104738+00:00"
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> ...he way it has always been done. <em>We found that we can actually use table salt, sodium chloride, to basically extract the lithium from the ore. Nobody has done this before to the best of my knowledge.
> He didn’t go into more details about the process, which raised quite a few eyebrows in the lithium industry.
But now we have obtained a new patent application for Tesla’s new lithium extraction process, which comes with a lot more details about this mysterious “table salt” method.</em>
In the patent application calle...

Look, I hate Musk and Tesla about as much as anybody, but if new tech can reduce externalities even *on pace* with the rise in scale's increasing them, I'm glad to hear about it.