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…l design comments below. YAML Please don’t use YAML for the peer list. YAML is not great. A simple JSON list would be better. A separate Markdown file can pr…

I share this general feeling, though my sense is that it’s an implementation detail that can get ironed out. Still, I do hate it when things at work need YAML.

…o, similar to TLS cert renewal. However I think the user experience of having to generate a new key every two years and tell all your friends about it is quite bad, and will make people wonder why they have to do this. I get the idea of culling old f…

I wonder if there needs to be a protocol affordance? I love that Mastodon has a “move” feature – even though it’s incomplete, its existence makes federated social media less like just-another-silo and more within the user’s control. Maybe if there’s a standard client link to replace a follow relationship with another? Groups of boards more generally? Hmm

…me that this should probably be larger, or at least well explained and justified.

Agreed – even if the justification is “because it feels right because look at this example that fits the vibes”, that would be useful context

…t support it would do no harm How do clients enforce the board aspect ratio? I don’t know enough about HTML/CSS to understand how boards wouldn’t just be able to override this with !important or something.

Ah, if you only give the HTML a fixed amount of screen to render into, this one’s totally tractable. (cf. the iframe tags for webgardens –if someone’s misspecified their webgarden in a way that tries to make the wrong size display, it’ll still only show up in the given size box)

…hould update their realm list DNS could be used to get around having to share public keys with people. Set a TXT record on with your public key. Then clients will resolve that, so you can just tell your friends to follow you by entering

I friggin’ love using DNS records for this kind of thing. Also might work with an entry in an HTML head like how webmentions or RSS autodiscovery do – and that way, someone can attach it to e.g. without being able to futz with domains.

… releases his software as well. I’ve got my hands full working on a secret DNS project for now anyway . But I will definitely be partic…