Die Zuschauer from Roller Mappe by RichardTeschner

a goblin is a failure at being anything other than what it is, and does not see this failure because it lives within its own nature.

a goblin is not tied to gender, but specifically because a goblin intrinsically does not live up to the positive aspects of any gender.

a goblin exists outside of economic thinking because a goblin’s desires for material things are emotional, not rational. a goblin exists outside of the kind of feedback with other people’s views that allows coherent exchange value.

a goblin exists outside of societal roles that confer responsibility. a goblin exists outside of societal roles that confer rights. a goblin has never seen a civil society and wouldn’t know what to do with one.

a goblin is an animal with an aesthetic sense and an approximation of a conscience.


a double decker sandwich, made after bedtime, where you use all the different kinds of mustard in the fridge for no real reason and some cured meat you’re not sure is still good, and then you’re about to stuff it in your mouth and the kitchen light flicks on and you freeze at a loved one’s look of judgment: this is a goblin foodstuff. a double decker sandwich advertised as Man Food: not a goblin foodstuff.

I see those inspirational baked goods photos. a strawberry shortcake is not a goblin food unless it is stolen. slices of processed cheese eaten out of the plastic, that’s #goblincore, that’s goblin food.

Goblins with bowls of fruit

sorry, WHAT

have you ever felt so self-conscious in a room full of people that it was like they were all emitting their own vibrations inside of your own head? conscious of self and of other and of other’s consciousness of self and of self’s consciousness of other and frozen, recursing?


well, then I wouldn’t expect you to understand why being a goblin is sometimes necessary.

Forty-four Turkish fairy tales Pl 01 by Willy Pogany - Artvee