Since I’m from the US, there is no pertinent authority to grant any exclusive use to this design–beyond maybe the SCA, and I’ve only ever read their stuff online. Therefore, consider this an informal dibsing1.

An oval is to be preferred to a lozenge if the shape must be sexed; for my own purposes I tend to crop to a circle.

coat of arms

Azure, a moon crescent argent environed of 12 mullets in annulo argent

Azure, a moon crescent argent environed of 12 mullets in annulo argent

It should be noted that I prefer to orient the top points of the stars angling away from the center of mass of the crescent, rather than palewise or away from the center of the ring in which they are arranged. However, this is not done in classical heraldry, is not necessary for the design to indicate me, and is certainly not a point of distinction between this coat of arms and one with different angles.

The symbolism of the elements is indirectly drawn from the Miraculous Medal and Rev 12:1. Personal experience with its diluted form in general Marian iconography is more signified than special devotion to the Medal itself.

mantling, torse, crest



I merit none yet. Same with an order, though I have aspirations there.

if I adopt a motto, it shall not be blazoned.

(That isn’t the motto. We haven’t gotten that meta yet.)

I have a custom stamp I use on envelopes and such.

text indicating the stamp is trodat printy 4923 from above a stamp of the coat of arms "Azure, a moon crescent argent environed of 12 mullets in annulo argent"

Lil’ pixel versions inspired by the superior work of appelsaus:

There is a canonical system of representing the colors of heraldry in black and white, so I took a stab at making that look a bit like a woodcut with no defined edges:

Hatched version of Azure, a moon crescent argent environed of 12 mullets in annulo argent

Armoria edit link, as best as I could figure it out (alternate?)

“in the year of our lord two thousand and something? why tho”

These are mostly glib, but I do think it’s worth thinking about!

internet heraldry

Heraldry scales nicely down to avatars. Just because we now have the technological ability to stamp our faces next to everything - is that really the best option? Scale down to 50px by 50px, my face isn’t that much different from e.g. Chris O’Dowd’s (give him some glasses and a nice wig). And does my face identify me in the way I’d most like2?

If whostyles could be made into a thing, heraldry-coordinated whostyles would be very cool.

Heraldry has the ability to identify people as related (inheritance, cadency). What are the relations that would be useful to see around the internet? E.g., could an individual choose, alongside a comment, say, whether to use their individual coat of arms, those of their city, those of their nation, those of their volunteering organization3?

potential offline uses

Automatic generation of an SVG from a blazon means that anything computer-assisted can handle heraldry with no artistic input necessary.

Consider all your classic frippery.

  • personalized embossers
  • wax seals
  • jewelry that looks like a wax seal or proper signet jewelry
  • embroidery in place of monogram
  • stationery
  • house signs in lieu of “The Johnsons”

Then there’s also all the new options available.

  • Etsy does a lot of monograms, but a lot of these shops are run by artists who can easily sub in a provided design
  • Custom mask for times of plague?? Vistaprint has a lot of different options you can slap a logo on.

I’d kill for a heraldic pizzelle iron.

heraldic compatriots

I noted that it was Marijn who inspired me to put this together – well, they’ve started a list of personal achievements, and I’m going to echo it. If you see this and have a blazoned achievement you use, let me know!

heraldic resources

novov’s heraldic resources

I was going to put together more of a list but really I think it’d’ve been just a subset of his. Very cool stuff!

this resource on flag design is mostly applicable for arms in general

  1. I’d say they’re assumed, but you know what they say: when you assume… 

  2. These are not groundbreaking questions, of course - but corporatized social media has normalized use of a selfie as a profile photo, spawning discourse about “anime avs,” “picrew pfp” used as an insult… it doesn’t seem adequately contextualized in pre-MySpace norms. 

  3. Heraldry seems wrong for, e.g., people sharing an opinion without mutual personal association… even though I love those 88x31 banners for the same usecase.