Tumblr had a thing where even if your blog was normally painstakingly aesthetically curated, every now and again you might put something up with the tag β€œlaugh rule”, and that was understood to mean that despite your ordinary curatorial intentions, you wanted to honor the thing that had made you actually laugh out loud, and your followers would accept this.

Chester nods all the way through this, but does not rudely interrupt Randy as a younger nerd would. Your younger nerd takes offense quickly when someone near him begins to utter declarative sentences, because he reads into it an ssertion that he, the nerd, does not already know the information being imparted. But your older nerd has more self-confidence, and besides, understands that frequently people need to think out loud. And highly advanced nerds will furthermore understand that uttering declarative sentences whose contents are already known to all present is part of the social process of making conversation and therefore should not be construed as aggression under any circumstances.

― Neal Stephenson, Cryptonomicon