This isn’t meant to really be a review so much as supplementary information to the trailer, to use to decide whether to see it… Or imagine this to be what I’d message back with if you’d messaged me that you’d just seen it.

This movie is a delight. This movie is like a popsicle when it’s hot. Is it a fine Cabernet? No, it’s a goddamn popsicle, and if you can’t understand how that can be superior then you don’t deserve one.

You may start thinking that it’s a little too on the nose with its central premise but I urge you not to lean into that judgment, because you’ll miss all the touches that make this great. I have never seen the Goonies and I couldn’t get into Stranger Things but this makes me understand why people love those.

Colored lighting use five stars.

Gloria livestreaming is definitely the best touch and I could never explain why.

There is something of old Sesame Street in its self-aware self-love and I mean that in the best way. I can’t remember the last thing I saw that was as unabashed about saying “hey, cities are great, urban communities are meaningful, our iconography is just as valid as any village square’s.”

Best of all, it is 80 minutes and fills them out perfectly. You can watch this without committing to, I dunno, Lord of the Marvel Superheroes runtime.