the cover of the zine 'cemeteries make me happy' by kate dunn, which has a photo of a cemetery on it

I have no idea who Kate Dunn is, but I’ll tell you this much – they1 understand the potential of the zine to mirror the tumblr meme in a way unmatched by anyone I’ve yet stumbled upon. The best one to illustrate this would probably be the following:

A Zine Thats Just Pictures of Hilary Duff Crying | Etsy

paired with this one:

Ranking Twilight Character on How Likely they are to Eat Ass | Etsy

Obviously, I purchased both.

the cover of the zine 'the tattoos you see at zine fairs' by kate dunn, which is drawn in a sharpie-ish way

I don’t have all the zines I bought from them because they are perfect to tuck into envelopes with letters you are sending to your friends. I strongly recommend acquiring the 10 zine pack for this purpose.

  1. please just list your pronouns somewhere easy, people… I know “it’s obvious” a lot of the time but…. just…. please….