I saw Colin’s post about International Women’s Day and seeing the women he followed. He asked for recommendations, so let’s make it a general kind of thing. Everyone here is on my blogroll if you don’t find that overwhelming; I’m trying to emphasize the people who’ve I’ve read lately.

nathalie lawhead

Game designer/dev, really keeping a certain zing to the internet.

winnie lim

I used the word “thoughtful” in my description of her writing in the blogroll – “authentic” might be another good one.

dr. eleanor janega

I know you don’t think you care about medieval history, but you do when it’s her writing it.

anne helen petersen

She’ll actually investigate something she writes about, research beyond the kinds of Googling you or I would do.

food in jars

Pickling and preserving: aspirations for when I have a larger kitchen, maybe.

the wondersmith

You know how you’d read about ridiculous desserts they’d make for the nobles at Versailles? Her work strikes me a bit like that, except for vegan fairy nobles – perhaps prepared by squirrels? Oh, just go look at the pictures, you’ll see what I mean.

ana ulin

I read her recommendations of books and then forget it was her and loftily refer to her graciously shared knowledge as “oh I heard…”

ritual dust

“Trans woman, designer and illustrator, goth druid.” Too cool. I will never be as cool but I’ve made my peace with running a little behind. She’s also the maker of this zine I’d recommend!


Technically Erica Barnett runs this whole publication, I think? Even though it’s not just her writing now? Oh, whatever, if you’re in the Seattle area it’s a must.

The whole conceit is great, the links are great.

There are also a bunch of women engineers in my blogroll; anyone interested in more techietech blogging should thither go. On a different dimension, there are a lot of women I follow on Neocities listed, which is cool as hell, but those sites aren’t always packaged up with blog feeds so I recommend you just go peruse to admire the design and see what you come across.