Rewording things is what makes them stick. Even if you want to copy-paste in some material as a quote1, preface it with your own paraphasing.


I’m mostly going to recommend what I use. It optimizes for easy tagging and linking, mobile access, flat file storage in a portable format, and display of backlinks. I’ve written about this before.


There are weird hacky ways to save your work, but the Industrial Quality one is the node.js server.


  • Relink - useful if you rely on links
  • Markdown plugin - there are different markdown plugins with pros and cons. The one I use does not handle fenced code blocks and doesn’t do footnotes, but it lets me link to tiddlers with names with spaces without having to type escapes. I think it might be an older version than what’s here.
  • Context search - this is necessary for my backlinks setup, which I have in the linked blog post above.
  • Calendar - this is mostly nice if you are trying to pressure yourself to make sure you write in your journal post daily, since it displays today differently from other days, and days with journal entries differently from those without.


Via Chris Aldrich

A browser extension that simplifies grabbing the main content of a webpage in markdown format. Makes it easy to toss fulltext of something into my wiki while preserving e.g., outbound links. Technically it can also grab just a selection in Markdown, but I haven’t messed with that enough to know how well it works.

  1. This is good and sensible for people who are interested not just in content, but in form; you will never absorb someone’s turns of phrase through bulleted summaries.