weekly chart toppers

This list is only as up to date as the whims of Last.fm’s APIs dictate, and only as accurate as the whims of Spotify’s APIs allow. Plus I’m truncating. 🤷‍♀️

Song Artist Count
Sent From Above Dolly Parton 17
Electric Disco Shiba Laura Shigihara 5
Lean On Scary Pockets 3
Wasteland Seether 3
What Would You Do? Seether 3
Concertina Ballerina Alternative Radio 2
Black-capped Chickadee Dj CUTMAN 2
Wanna Be Her June 2
Curicó Kiltro 2
Catholic Country Kings of Convenience 2
much wow, so space Laura Shigihara 2
Seven Nation Army (but it’s in 7/4) Melodicka Bros 2
the sun is a h0t m4ss 200 johns 1
Malargal Kaettaen A.R. Rahman 1
chandelier but every other beat is missing Adam Emond 1
Artist Count
Dolly Parton 17
Louie Zong 12
Melodicka Bros 12
Seether 9
Laura Shigihara 7
Kings of Convenience 3
Scary Pockets 3
Adam Emond 2
Alternative Radio 2
Deorro 2

seasonal playlist

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