weekly chart toppers

This list is only as up to date as the whims of Last.fm’s APIs dictate, and only as accurate as the whims of Spotify’s APIs allow. Plus I’m truncating. 🤷‍♀️

Song Artist Count
Enchanté Dirt Poor Robins 7
Hellbent Autoheart 2
Consort Blaqk Audio 2
Goodbye Cruel World Burn the Ballroom 2
I Don’t Need a Hero - Cody Crump Remix Danz CM 2
Jangly Bones First of October 2
Hot Vampire - Extended Version Go2 2
The Magic Bomb (Questions I get asked) Hoàng Read 2
Leave You Hotel Garuda 2
New Vectors Iglooghost 2
Invention No. 7 in E Minor, BWV 778 Johann Sebastian Bach 2
salamander Maromaro 2
Triangle The HU 2
Duel of the Fates Void Chapter 2
Artist Count
Johann Sebastian Bach 26
The HU 10
Dirt Poor Robins 7
Estuera 6
Anonymous 4
Blaqk Audio 3
Metaroom 3
Savant 3
Traditional 3
Autoheart 2

seasonal playlist

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