weekly chart toppers

This list is only as up to date as the whims of Last.fm’s APIs dictate, and only as accurate as the whims of Spotify’s APIs allow. Plus I’m truncating. 🤷‍♀️

Song Artist Count
Talkin’ Bout Thumpasaurus 3
Dorian Agnes Obel 2
Nothin’ You Can Do About It Airplay 2
June Gloom Allie X 2
Pistache Aurélie Saada 2
Imik Si Mik - Remastered Version Hindi Zahra 2
All I Want Jehro 2
Wii Shop Bossa Nova 1 Hour kuribo98 2
A Japanese in Paris Mathias Duplessy 2
Amyu l’armée des hommes guêpes 14 Mathias Duplessy 2
Is This Love - Remix Matisyahu 2
Our Story - Kartell Remix Saje 2
tell me where you wanna go The Cataracs 2
London In The Rain - Remastered Version Variety Lab 2
Waltz for Nathalie Waldeck 2
Artist Count
Thumpasaurus 7
Mathias Duplessy 6
Else 4
Hindi Zahra 4
Agnes Obel 3
Gotan Project 3
Saje 3
Waldeck 3

seasonal playlist

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