weekly chart toppers

This list is only as up to date as the whims of Last.fm’s APIs dictate, and only as accurate as the whims of Spotify’s APIs allow. Plus I’m truncating. 🤷‍♀️

Song Artist Count
So Slowly Beirut 2
Eon Celldweller 2
Misguided Distorted Harmony 2
The American Nightmare Ice Nine Kills 2
Witchcraft Pendulum 2
Suffer It All Seether 2
8 Legged Dreams Unlike Pluto 2
Duskwood A Tergo Lupi 1
Leaden A Tergo Lupi 1
Petrichor A Tergo Lupi 1
Ravens A Tergo Lupi 1
Vesper A Tergo Lupi 1
Tognatale Algir 1
Anchor Allie X 1
Archangel Amaranthe 1
Artist Count
Johann Sebastian Bach 14
Unlike Pluto 10
A Tergo Lupi 5
Antonio Vivaldi 5
Tagelharpa & Ritual Drum 3
Beirut 2
Celldweller 2
Distorted Harmony 2
Ice Nine Kills 2
Leprous 2

seasonal playlist

This only has the first 100 tracks; open in Spotify proper for more.