Currently operative Tarot card: The Tower, reversed.


I’m experimenting with having some stuff here and some stuff on the Agora.

Adding more descriptions to the blogroll, pondering integrating that better into the topic pages.


My team is being dissolved! Haven’t quite decided on which of two other internal teams to go to – trying to not stress.


no thoughts head empty


I’ve been trying to remember how to draw in more of a lineart-centric way and it is… brutally hard.


what I’m listening to

Special shoutouts to new mcr, this song which feels more relevant than I am allowed to explain, and the olllam–which I would actively discourage you from reading about before listening lest your preconceptions deafen you to its glory.


Honestly just a bunch of web novels. It’s inspiring to read terrible-quality stuff that people threw out there – like, damn, maybe I should share whatever I feel like too? If the bar is on the ground, maybe I can clear the bar?