The reversed Tower was showing up very aggressively for quite a bit there – both in terms of the physically drawn card and what it unambiguously referred to – but I think we’re into a new mode. My deck is saying Justice, today.


I have fallen in love with a font and am kicking at the tires, design-wise.


My new team has a lot of very, very cool problems. Still getting sorted in terms of learning the social structures necessary to be efficient. How on earth do people get the impression that engineering at scale isn’t about people?


The psychological appeal of tying “by understanding this, you are better than other people” to the natural pleasure of reaching understanding of something.


Been fairly dormant, working more on penmanship. I’m set up with a black and white laser printer now, so maybe it’s time to get zining again.


what I’m listening to

Utah-inflected prog metal? Dolly. An album from my childhood. “Zuckerberg and Gates and Buffett, amateurs can fucking suck it”. Russian edgelording.


The Hermetic Christian text that isn’t hooey; accept no imitations.