I’m trying to use this site to get some balance in my life: to make sure my brain is populated with as much niche culture weirdness as tech.


I work in software development at a BigCo. I like what I do because it makes the world better in a small way at a big scale, and also because I work with really really great people. Some of that has been shaken up recently which is real, real stressful.


I’m thinking a lot about the broken promises of the internet and the little corners where they hold true.


I’m doing a lot of digital illustration! Trying to advance my use of color and improve composition, things like that. Simplifying things into appealing shapes.


what I’m listening to
I’m also doing more Audible? This thing about secret societies is real fun.


The books that occupy the teenage cortex of my brain are the Locked Tomb trilogy. I’m also reading a thing about Stoicism that I don’t yet know if I’d recommend, the Here Be Gerblins graphic novel, a bunch of zines…