platinum - carbon black ink

I used to do Noodler’s black, but I think I’m not going back. My pens are happier with this one.

de atramentis - hyacinth

Don’t buy a scented ink if you have visions of scented letters. The scent basically pervades the writing experience, but vanishes when the ink is dry. That said, this ink made studying college German pleasant to the senses – an accomplishment! Really bold blues are fun because people can’t put their finger on anything unprofessional about them, but…

de atramentis - violet

As above. Mellows to something nicely refined if you mix in some black. For the Choward’s fans.

diamine - oxblood

Stunning on a cream paper. Doesn’t quite stand out enough for rubrication a la handlettered manuscripts – though I suppose it’s not too far off from the printed equivalents. I haven’t decided whether it’ll qualify for longterm use as a caput mortuum of sorts.

glittery inks

diamine - shimmering seas

If you are looking to dip your toes into glittery inks, give this line a try! I have had very little problems with this one clogging pens. Exactly how much glitter you see is very variable depending on how your pen has been sitting etc. etc. but on most of the paper I use it with, there’s something fun to see if you look, but almost plausible deniability for formal use…

de atramentis - pearlescent velvet black gold

Hoo boy. I want to love this because when it’s first working it’s like a metallic gel pen, so beautiful – but I can see it clogging the feed on my demonstrator pen. Every pen starts writing dry real quick. I’m sticking to Platinum Carbon Black in that one for a while and letting the residual sparkle satisfy me…