This is a really interesting piece and I'd like to reflect on it in a slightly meta way. I post "bookmarks" to Lemmy (including this one!) and automate grabbing the content and posting it to my own site (it ends up looking like this). Lemmy (unlike Reddit) lets you have both a link and a body. I find myself musing on the contents of the link in the body of the post because I know it's going to have a standalone life on my own website even if no one on Lemmy reacts to it -- and conversely, I include content on my website that isn't entirely within my core interests because I think people on Lemmy may like it or benefit.

To me, to be able to see how I've contextualized these links is kind of cool. Revisit the same material, and you may be surprised what your past self found interesting enough to call out.

I save private bookmarks for private use elsewhere, but I'd encourage Indieweb folks to keep sharing links they find interesting -- even if not in the "bookmark" format -- because hell, hasn't Kottke made that his thing for years?