I Thought I Would Have Accomplished a Lot More Today and Also by the Time I Was Thirty-Five

A lot of people over on HN reacting quite strongly to this one in Serious Manner so sorry for non-humorous commentary.

This is fascinating to me mostly because anyone who has ever had a proper personal crisis and recovered from it is intimately familiar with this line of thought but also with the necessary work to counter it with patience for oneself. Yes, you thought you'd do more, but this is what you could do today, and all you can do is try for more tomorrow. Lots of people did a lot more today but if you don't want to give yourself an aneurysm you're going to have to motivate yourself by looking at all the things you managed and trying to, you know, increment on that. Maybe you didn't get through college at the age your friends did but that's got nothing to do with whether you should or can now. Etc. etc.

Is the pandemic doing this to everyone now? Do I need to write a guide? :thinking face: