Facebook says it may quit Europe over ban on sharing data with US

Is anyone else really curious about how this might positively impact software/the web? I'm sure people can come up with efficiency bogeymen, but I can see

  • local stuff adapted for local needs/cultures
  • federated software getting a real boost to whatever extent it can avoid caching other servers' data[^p] to be compliant--then you can just have your stuff live in your Lithuanian provider and pull across dank Canadian memes
  • broadly better practices around cellular / partitioned infrastructure

We should all be skeptical of markets as a force for good in any situation, but I can't help thinking some shattering (nay, might I say.... "disruption"?) of "natural monopolies" will lead to there being local demand that can spur innovation for cooler things.

[^p]: I believe Pleroma doesn't store images, for instance, just pulls them from the origin server. Lots of perf concerns with these approaches but perhaps potential