how do I webmentions

Since my site itself is very inspired by all the cool stuff on Neocities, and since I think webmentions are a cool way of making personal websites more social, I'm trying to write a guide for adding them to Neocities that doesn't assume

  1. you know too much technical stuff
  2. you use any kind of software to generate your HTML
  3. you have warm feelings about Wordpress or the era of blogs

One complicating thing is that I'm not sure how baked in to the tooling microformats are. Microformats are a bit of a pain to do by hand so I don't think they totally go with the Neocities vibe. At the same time, I'm holding off on trying to add to this guide just because I'm not sure it'll all fit together...

....anyway, constructive feedback welcome on this guide!

(the CSS is meant to look a bit wonky/quirky because, well, it's Neocities)