Uses This: Kicks Condor

Boy that title looks a bit unparseable... but my commitment to lowercase is unwavering.

The thing about this interview that's really spectacular is the tone that -- is it ironic? It's not satirizing the Tiddlywikiers, but it might be satirizing the iPad owners because I certainly felt owned by....

... I mean, I bought a paper-texture screen cover for the iPad and I own the Ergodox EZ that sponsors the series.

Gently owned, like a "pre-owned" car.


I should probably write something up eventually about the idea discussed herein about a plurality of virtual avatars. I think I have something broadly waved at the topic on my very fetal page about Internet.

(Lemmy, you're getting this post under c/anything because I'll be damned if I spend too much longer trying to categorize that which resists categorization)