Bridgy Fed

This is so cool! This is so cool!! At this moment I don't think this exactly matches up with what I want for my life on Mastodon but if I'm brave enough I might try and see what would be necessary to get stuff to show up on Lemmy? Except I'm not WebSub enabled and I'm not 100% sure what the other value of that would be... Maybe though? Here's the GitHub, nice friendly Python3 that won't bite.

I've been thinking about IndieAuth and Lemmy too since Chris Aldrich posted about Lemmy and referenced a very neat video about auth mechanisms, which are a topic I never thought I'd care about.

In some ways, I'm probably not properly aligned with the Indieweb ethos. I love federated models, and my imagined Web utopia is a less siloed world that maintains a combination of interoperating multi-user and single-user applications and sites. Servers that someone else administrates will always have the lowest barriers to entry. Self-run sites will always have the most freedom to be weird and singular and expressive. So how do you make it possible for everyone to play nicely together?

ActivityPub seems to me to have gotten some things really right in enabling people to do really cool things in a federated way. I genuinely enjoy my self-hosted Mastodon server about as much as Twitter, and Twitter is a company with like four thousand employees. That's amazing! We should never lose sight of how amazing that is. Compare Reddit and Lemmy and I only miss some of the groups of users, not features.

I want to keep thinking about how those independent sites can enrich the fediverse, and how the fediverse can enrich those independent sites. This seems like a really important tool towards that.

It's also true that I don't have typed posts because when I started adding all the markup to my HTML, I started to like my site less. It felt less like Neocities charm and more like work. I haven't reconciled this entirely in my mind, and it can probably be resolved through tooling.

Well, this is rambling.