The Secret Internet of TERFs

So I will note that I think this piece is mostly good, mostly because it cites Grace Lavery who is very smart on this stuff. I also really enjoy that Lemmy gets a cameo for "uhhh we don't want to help them". Cheers, Lemmings!

However, one thing I wonder about is the absence of connections with the last time the terves tried to copy a social media platform because their hateful stuff kept getting reported: the Gab fork Spinster. Is that a thing still? Why are we reporting on "ooh they want to make Reddit but grosser" without digging into how "grosser Twitter" went for them? I know my angle on this is probably motivated by being a fediverse fan, but I find it incredible how all the queer communities on Mastodon basically had an immune reaction against Gab and Spinster that... seems to have worked? Seems relevant to Grace's point about the impact on real trans people who suffer when this crap festers on mainstream social media.