writing as metadata

It's an art class, let's get that out of the way up top: maybe not for everyone. And it's teaching dead-basic coding skills in its projects, so they're not necessarily of interest. But that syllabus--I'm going to be spending a while with it.

Sometimes I feel a flicker of jealousy for the Really Smart People who got to take classes like this, ponder over material like this, discuss with other Really Smart People... But there are two points that console me: first, that I don't have Yale MFA debt behind me, and second, that if I can nurture the habits I need to pursue such studies as an autodidact, I have an increasing amount of life experience to bring to bear on the material.

Hmm. Lacks social grounding, doesn't it? But I'm not sure where would be appropriate to discuss the readings, so I'll leave that aside for now...