My long-held belief is that furries are about 10 years ahead of the rest of the population in terms of our evolving relationship with the internet. The community has effectively solved most the online issues that plague the rest of us:

  1. They routinely switch between multiple identities and avatars without much issue.
  2. They can navigate between ironic and non-ironic aesthetics and understand how that kind of behavior has to be kept in check before it leads to extremism.
  3. And they intrinsically understand that digital life is a LARP, but not any less impactful because it’s a LARP.

This is where I'd make a joke about antifa furries and stuff if it weren't for the fact that the shock value of that is just zero by now. Yeah, we live in a blurred amalgamation of real and unreal, hyperpolitical and hyperpersonal, digital posturing and deadly arms. You better have that figured out.