I am loathe to explain the context of this review for reasons which are very selfish. Obliquely: if you’re a person who uses fancy pens and likes thin paper, you may have been looking around for new options lately. Onion skin paper seems like a silly extreme, but I happen to love the sound that it makes, so I’ve recently filled one of these notebooks.

I would very much recommend this notebook maker/seller, and it turns out that an onion skin paper notebook is really fun! Don’t expect to write on both sides of the paper unless you’re, I don’t know, trying to make a point to someone or crossing it.

…34 G/M2 onion skin paper (blank) - Bleed-resistant and fountain-pen friendly

While I found both of these things to be true (with both dye and pigment based fountain pen inks), the ink in a Pentel Pocket Brush Pen refused to disperse evenly on its surface. It took gouache nicely in the crinkly manner in which Tomoe Rver paper might.

While it does crinkle up somewhat when written on and cause the notebook to thicken like Tomoe River paper, the effect is less dramatic.