…ay to make pro-Ukraine content? To be as nuanced as I can about this, I get the desire for everything on the internet to be verified and correct. I have, personally, been tricked by more than a few misleading or factually incorrect posts about Ukraine in the last few days. But I, also, think the further into this conflict we get, the more it’ll become apparent that there is no meaningful way to factcheck this stuff anymore. Platforms like TikTok run on autopilot and have reached a scale in which they cannot be moderated by human beings anymore. There has also been so much content published about the invasion of Ukraine in just the last few days that there’s really no fixing things. And it’ll only get worse and more complicated from here. I’ve known researchers who have talked about an “infopocalypse,” a future event in which there will simply be too much mis- or disinformation online to sort through. Well, I think it’s happening and I think TikTok is ground zero. The Crypto War Bond(blockchair)T…

I don’t think we should present that growth as neutral or inevitable.

If you started seeing a python slithering around in your backyard, and your neighbor poked his head over the fence and was like “whoops that’s my python, my bad,” you would probably tell him to come get the python.

But if you saw twenty pythons in your backyard,

and you asked your neighbor and he told you that he has twenty thousand pythons in his house,

and that he has really good processes in place for keeping them inside that have a great success rate,

and that some of them are going to get through but that’s just how it goes when you have twenty thousand pythons,

you would probably tell him that the point at which the pythons started escaping was the point at which he should have stopped getting pythons.

If Delta told you they just have too many planes for it to be realistic for them to inspect them all optimally, you would tell them that means they can’t have as many planes as they want.

But if TikTok says they just have too much content…

I’m not ignorant of the arguments that network effects constitute a centralizing force that encourages hypergrowth – but there are a lot of forces involved in anything. It’s a political choice to look at a certain subset as ambient reality. “Too big to moderate” could have meant “too big to exist”, and we didn’t make that choice – but that doesn’t make it natural.

Is this an overreaction to shorthand in a newsletter I like? Probably. But I do think about it a lot.