If you purchased chicken in Washington state in the last 10 years, you were harmed by the conduct of these companie…

This seems like an example of scale and interconnection of systems getting to the point where you can wiggle out of anything by being too big, too nebulous, too carefully constructed to be held accountable.

How many of these do you think are ever brought to court? How many times should they have been?

How much class consciousness is necessary for class-action?

Language abuses the word “community” these days, applying it even where “group” or “set” is what’s meant. There is no community among post-2012 Washington state chicken buyers.

If culture has obliterated our ability to see ourselves as holding shared interest with our coworkers, is this inevitable for shared interest as capitalist consumers? Wirecutter-brain promises to tell us how to Get It Right, not to protect the less informed from getting it wrong.