You play as Regency-era occultists. None of the play happens in meatspace, it’s all play-by-post. Literal post, as in tree-corpses letters. Each turn takes a month. You can write multiple letters in a turn, to the GM and other players.

I am down as hell.

There’s not enough creative play with postal mail. You can call it an affectation, but the fact remains that people love getting physical letters that aren’t junk or bills. I haven’t decided on whether to subscribe to The Flower Letters, but it’s sort of storytelling-through-physical-mail. Similarly, I only found out about Cryptogram Puzzle Post late enough that I’m waiting for the collection, but it’s like puzzle games sent to you by mail1.

Physical reality this could use:

  • Mailable items to convey game effects so you could swap them. (E.g., you can write about your character being able to enter the Bird Sanctum only if you are the current holder of a feather that’d been mailed to one player)
  • Invisible ink
  • Colored ink with significance of some kind? Maybe too fussy.

And of course the urban fantasy counterpart would be set in the 90s, done in ballpoint pen on lined notebook paper, and the gazette would be a lofi photocopy zine.

  1. I backed The Light In The Mist from the same creator; I’ve only played through a couple arcana of it but I really love it so far.