What we pay attention to and the language in which we pay attention are the only realities worth considering, which is one reason why stories are so often framed by the idea that nobody is talking about a problem, when the problem is often quite endlessly talked about—just not solved. Why isn’t the media covering this story? is a common refrain that is just as often accompanied by a link to an article about the story, which is how the complainer learned about it in the first place.

I’m not going to say that no one has been talking about the scourge of “No one is talking about…” but I am going to say I’m glad to find this for quote purposes.

(Honestly, any time you find yourself trying to evaluate “prominence of XYZ” with anything but an explicitly scoped and carefully quantitative lens, consider holding your breath and taking a big step back. I keep seeing otherwise thoughtful individuals walk into lampposts on this one. You do not read “all of ‘em”.)