I could not imagine at that time the onomatopoeia of fate: I could not recognize the heat of the fire and the light of the glass that had always resonated within my surname: BORMIOLI.

I’ve fallen in love with these blue-lidded glass jars from Bormioli. You’re not supposed to use them for canning by the USDA’s view of such things, but I’ve not done the research to decide whether I’m willing to go with the more relaxed Italian rules. For now, it’s dry and refrigerated storage only for me.

Anyway, I don’t remember precisely how I ended up looking at their politely bilingual PDF, but…

Beyond the autobiographical references, it is certain that the activity of a glassmaker,at the service of Ars, never finds a definitive fulfillment, because it takes place without end beyond the existence of the individual, in agreement with Life (the one with a capital L). The permanent evolution of process and of product, which dates back to the time of the Phoenician, proves and confirms this.

Imagine being able to say your job “dates back to the time of the Phoenician”, and imagine saying it.

The fire of the melting leaves traces of itself in the light of the cooled down material. Thus 4,500 million years ago, only the silica dust would have remained on the surface of the incandescent sphere called earth; therefore the positive attitude, with its dynamic enthusiasm, clarifies and gives transparency to the truth. Saying BORMIOLI is like saying GLASS. Those eight letters are dressed in blue, blue Klein, a colour that is a source of pure conceptual inspiration; then, in a second moment, they flare up red in the flames to create just like with prestidigitation skills iconic shapes, multiplied according to the language and logic of pop art. In the background of a clear horizon free crystalline beaches can be caught.

I’m dying. I’m dead.

This was all from the preamble. Then later, in the more practical section…

Since vinegar can corrode certain materials, the best containers for this pickling technique are our jars with glass lids, thus Fido, Officina 1825 and Lock Eat. They are also ideal because they comein large sizes, perfect for gherkins or other, larger vegetables.

The comma lends an air of mystery to “other, larger vegetables”!