Look, I’m mentioned!

Fellow IndieWeb netizen Maya some 1800 in a year and a half….

We are neighbors!

I started my blogroll by copying Ton’s, so I could be fairly be called an imitator in place of neighbor – but I like that it captures the placefulness of a loose internet community.

Another path of integration to think about is sharing annotated links from h. to my blog or the other way around. I blog links with a general annotation at times (example). These bloggable links I could grab from h. where I bookmark things in similar ways (example), usually to annotate further later on. I notice myself thinking I should do both, but unless I could do that simultaneously I won’t do such a thing twice.

Many, many, many of my blog posts start their life as annotations that I then cut down or expand – as this one! I find that this helps me make a habit of annotation; you make the best use of the tool that’s most in your hand.

Anyway, go read Ton’s post. It made me cheerful enough about annotation and hypothes.is in particular that I also made something to share: a bookmarklet to open the hypothes.is sidebar in dark mode. Even rendered less visually obtrusive, I haven’t decided whether I want to have hypothes.is open on all my pages by default, as the agora does. I’d love to hear others’ opinions about it.