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Look, I know you are as bored of his four seasons as I am. The Moët & Chandon ad. But don’t for a second think that Mucha is just dorm-room fare!

The use of blue here is wonderful to me. I would love to know the pigment used; the dark values could remind one of how Prussian blue looks in masstone, there are also values that glow like ultramarine, but together with the lighter blues I can think only of phthalo blue – and it wasn’t available at the time, no? There’s something I’m missing, surely.

I love the choice to leave the winged figure in hazy silhouette. Ambiguity stronger than depiction1.

  1. Is it just a bird? It might be just a bird. But I am going to argue that this is still actual ambiguity and not just my desire to see a Winged Figure