I’m using Anki heavily for spaced repetition. I decided I was going to make myself learn Cyrillic cursive, but not how to type it, so making decks involves a lot of copying and pasting.


A mixture of the new penguin one which I only have digitally, but for which I have an Anki vocab deck, and troika which I have physically but no anki deck.



Here is a Russian tarot site in Google Translate (and here’s the original).

Зима Муми-тролля

Since I’d be reading it in translation in any language, I got Moominland Midwinter from Amazon1 in Russian. Every word becomes a flashcard, pretty much… but I’ll get through it!



sort of vocaloidy memelord vibes? I’m always on the look out for women producers of catchy electronic stuff so I would have dug her even without the learning utility.


I asked my coworker what he listened to and this is what he said and I like stealing random music from people. It is now also useful.


Sweet folky singer with a really lovely vocal timbre.


A bit like… uh… In This Moment, but in Russian? That comparison would probably not work for someone more genre-savvy.

this song specifically

Lyrics here and nowhere else, owing to the far more famous song by the same name.


The Heiress / Наследница поневоле

Cute, soapy, funny enough to not be too soapy, and the main actress has wonderful physical presence–she maneuvers a certain way just getting into a car and it’s somehow #relatable. Suffers from a severe case of Everyone Must Be Paired.

Better Than Us / Лучше, чем люди

Near future sci-fi with a bit of soap to it as well. A milder case of Everyone Must Be Paired. Incredible production values, highly recommend, you will be yelling Где мой бот!?!??! at whomever you watch it with.

  1. No referral link for any of these Amazon links. I don’t think I’ll ever have enough traffic on this site to make the fuss worth it.