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  • Poke Bar - Others I know prefer FOB Poke Bar but I only like it for its mango. Poke Bar has for me the best astonishing (quality * options) / price
  • Kizuki Ramen & Izakaya - Actual factual Japanese ramen that has the most wonderful broth options. Their delivery never ends up as good as eating it there. It’s still worth the money, but maybe not the calories. Had it for the first time in Beaverton.
  • Fogón Cocina Mexicana - On the one hand, so few restaurants with huge menus manage to do all their options well, and here we have one that does. On the other hand, it is tremendously loud inside such that it’s an exhausting experience on a weeknight. On the third hand, they have this lovely tiny strip of outdoor seating…


  • Amante Pizza & Pasta - It isn’t Italian pizza really but it is wonderful quality American pizza. Their calzones are an amazing value to feed two, and if you order a pasta dinner to reheat the next night you can tell yourself it’s quite economical.
  • Jack’s Chicken Shack - spin off of Jack’s BBQ, which is good or whatever but not as magically distinct from its competition as is the pertinent Chicken Shack
  • Chung Chun Rice Dog - corn dogs, but rice, and… embellished? Koreans know how to do American food better??

uhhh other stuff

  • Raygun Lounge - some of the best nerd vibes of anywhere I’ve ever been. I’ve been in there very few times but still donated to their GoFundMe
  • Phoenix Comics and Games - don’t get me wrong, there are still folks there who are exactly how you’d imagine from The Stereotype, but it does excellently at also being welcoming to, you know, queer weirdos who want to upgrade their2 pronoun pins or buy zines3

we have a local the onion and it is quality

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  3. you know, The Other Stereotype.