(what am I up to now?)

After a certain amount of analysis paralysis, I decided I could announce my structure intentions here and iterate.


Evergreen Content

This is what I would like to do most of. My site inspiration comes from old stuff I remember from Back In The Day, and then more contemporarily, Xanthe and Kicks Condor1.

For now, let’s make a list:

Updates to Evergreen Content (“updates”)

When I make a change worth checking out on evergreen content, I intend to make a very short note of it as a “post” “update”. This is for RSS purposes, really.

Chronological Content (“posts”)

Dependent Content (“responses”)

The sort of thing one might send a Webmention for with a particular recipient in mind.

Independent Chronological Content (“monologues”)

I’m not sure how much of this I want to do, to be frank. But it will have its own category so that if you are not interested in dependent content you can subscribe without it.

  1. Though I don’t think I’m going to get on their levels. Maybe gradually over time? Who can say.