After a certain amount of analysis paralysis, I decided I could announce my structure intentions here and iterate.


Chronological Content (“posts”)

Dependent Content (“responses”)

The sort of thing one might send a Webmention for with a particular recipient in mind.

Independent Chronological Content (“monologues”)

I’m not sure how much of this I want to do, to be frank. But it will have its own category so that if you are not interested in dependent content you can subscribe without it.

Evergreen Content

This is what I would like to do most of. My site inspiration comes from old stuff I remember from Back In The Day, and then more contemporarily, Marijn and Kicks Condor1.

For now, let’s make a list:

Updates to Evergreen Content (“updates”)

When I make a change worth checking out on evergreen content, I intend to make a very short note of it as a “post” “update”. This is for RSS purposes, really.

  1. Though I don’t think I’m going to get on their levels. Maybe gradually over time? Who can say.