This site uses:

  • a bit of CSS from openring (license GPLv3)
  • Webmentiond - this handles receipt and display of webmentions. (license GPLv3)
  • Jekyll - the Minima theme with my modifications (framework and theme: license MIT)

There is no source for the openring modifications beyond what you see in your browser–it isn’t minified or anything–so here is the license for that.

My webmentiond modifications are minimal, and, uh, available via email if you really want them, but they’re a bit hacky. I’m going to open a git issue on the main repo to explain what I had to do and excerpt my changes to demonstrate, but if it were possible to relicense (it is not) I would be sharing them with a “learn from my mistakes” license.

Re:Jekyll everything I’ve done is more on the creative-expressive side and, again, fairly minimal/hacky, so I’m not going to publish as a repo but if you have any questions about how anything is managed and want the liquid template stuff as an example, email me and I’m happy to send the relevant bits along.