I’m realizing I want one updatable place to log/muse about Spring ‘83 and not have things be overwritten, so let’s put that here. If you haven’t read this bizarrely long thing already, check that out.

Some annotation from makeworld’s notes because via.hypothes.is was blocked.

Honor’s CORS doesn’t like via.hypothes.is either so here’s some more annotations of their latest thing.

open questions/issues

In approximate descending order of pressingness.

  • Robin linked this as explanation for the selection of 2217 bytes and I totally, totally, totally still don’t get it. Because it’s the size of that homepage? But – maybe I’m not understanding how this contributes to the inspiration?
  • I don’t get why data URLs for images are a no go. Look how cute this is!
  • How should a Very Anxious Person handle having to blow away their previous content to put up something new? I’m currently handling this with that back-page symbol that’s in Unicode because of ISO aspirations and saving boards on my website. I sort of like the idea of making a stack of cards that’d be quick to flip back through, and like I might or might not skip adding any card to the stack. (Would the social media parallel be stories? I like the idea of stories a lot for how not-at-all I use them.) It’s important for some reason that the CSS change somewhat every time. Maybe that itself will change.
    • People on lobste.rs noted that a client could hold on to old boards until you’d seen them even if a spec-compliant server wouldn’t. That’d be a comfort, though it wouldn’t mix well with the current “click publish in order to see how it’s going to render with the client CSS, then adjust” workflow I’ve got.