When we were in Italy, my beloved mother asked me what my thirty year plan was in life. Where did I want to be in thirty years? Well, we were in Italy, but more specifically, we were in the Villa Borghese, and so pretty soon we came across Circe (or Melissa) by Dosso Dossi:

Circe or Melissa by Dosso Dossi

And I told her that was my thirty year plan.

Here follow some other illustrations of my thirty year plan.

File:Anna Dorothea Therbusch 001.jpg - Wikipedia
Baba Yaga with Moth and Beetle
Parmetella gathering Golden Leaves by Warwick Goble - Artvee
The Dance by Filipp Malyavin - Artvee
Portrait of Princess Olga Orlova by Valentin Alexandrovich Serov - Artvee