The site gets its first JavaScript! That autocorrected to that capitalization which I find entertaining enough to leave.
Drew DeVault has this dealio at the bottom of his blog posts that transcludes a couple of snippets from people’s RSS feeds. I like it in theory, but his version pulls at build time to embed entirely statically. This didn’t seem quite right to me. As a person who has published and then flailed to unpublish things, I have a certain sensitivity to archiving copies of people’s content–even just what had been pushed out on an RSS feed. So I tacked together a version using rss-parser to dynamically pick a random sample of RSS feeds, fetch their content, and display the same little previews dynamically.

I picked a fairly arbitrary subset of stuff I have in my feed reader to populate it. I’ll need to tweak that.

Further improvements:

  • inject the outer div in with JS too, so that if someone has JS disabled they won’t see an empty container
  • make the CSS more aesthetic
  • pull from an OPML file to source the feeds instead of a Jekyll data file: that could be dynamic too?

His version is GPL, so I will note that the source is available with ctrl-U (since it’s all client side), you are free to modify my modifications further, and I may add more comments there about the license. But I really don’t want this site to get all… I don’t know, public repositoried. Maybe that means I need to rewrite that CSS, too. Ugh.

and in a different flavor of nerd

I am still working on the goblin manifesto. I am not sure how to explain why it matters, but it does.