We have webmentions!

I used Horst Gutmann’s webmentiond because I liked that it had a flow for approving/rejecting webmentions; I don’t want to give arbitrary people the ability to throw chunks of content onto my site without my being aware of the fact, at least.

His writeup on how to install it would have probably been enough1, except I ran into issues that I thought were Docker problems, but were really my-misunderstanding-problems, and then encountered SMTP problems because I wanted to run postfix locally. Moving away from Docker to a proper VM and kicking config variables in the shins for Longer Than I’d Like To Admit sorted this out2.

I ended up opening up a couple of Github issues with the stuff I encountered, just so there’s something out there in the Googles the next time someone else is trying to do something similar, but overall I’m so far very very very impressed and pleased with the software3.

Along those lines, I’ve got a new page for notes on the tech I’m using on this site. I don’t really like the idea of having a public repository for the <5 line tweaks I’ve needed to make here and there for various things, so I’m making the license information explicit there. I think the way in which I’m providing this stuff isn’t standard (email, not git repository pullable on internet) but is compliant with the terms? And if it isn’t (I really cannot bring myself to host LICENSE files independently because it feels way too much like all the corporate stuff at work), I think it’s at least compliant with the spirit.

Big thanks to Horst Gutmann!!!

  1. Small unmentioned nit: if you end up running it outside of Docker and want the Vue debug warnings to go away, make sure you use the yarn build command out of the Dockerfile, not the Makefile. 

  2. I think the FontAwesome may be broken because I’m using the free version, not the pro version, but I may see if I can replace it all with emoji anyway because Aesthetic. 

  3. Also, the build experience and all was just… so much nicer than I expected. Go’s official tools pull in the dependencies, the Makefile was neatly set up, all was great!