I have a blogroll and you should be able to read it in your browser. What prompted this?

Well, this last try I’ve had with RSS centered around Nextcloud’s News RSS reader. But then it became untenable that it didn’t actually sort things by the dates on posts, just when it had added them… and one badly formatted feed seemed to be bringing everything down.

So I went looking and was using fraidyc.at, but… as of yesterday, everything’s disappeared. I’m only lucky I happened to have had an OPML export from five days ago, and even then it’s missing things!

No more, I promised myself, shall I rely on some application level storage. Am I not an Indiewebster?

So I come to you, hat in hand, OPML file in hat, with some temporary XSL styling to boot1. The headings are all weird because for some reason I named my categories like the Swedish Chef. Currently using inoreader.com since it supports “OPML subscriptions” that should pull from it being hosted here. Since the list is almost entirely not annotated at this moment, please don’t leap to conclusions about why I’m following someone/something2. I do aim to annotate it further, though. Particularly, I may try and throw some XFN annotations in there despite the fact that I’m pretty sure no one uses these anymore, and no one intended to use them like this.

But what would this world be coming to if a girl couldn’t come up with her own persnickety personal hidden metadata schemes??

  1. I want to do more there–this seems like a nice flexboxy kind of use case. For some reason horizontal scrolling also seems appealing. I will confess to being minorly proud of my hue shifted folder emoji, though. 

  2. If you do know someone I’m following to be a cryptonazi of some variety or anything similar, please do let me know? I… probably don’t.