I suspect it’ll be a little underwhelming simply because my music listening patterns these days really rely on shuffling large playlists, but…. I’ve added a page of my most-listened tracks for the past week here. The data may be unclean for a bit since I revived a Last.fm account I hadn’t used since 2009. A decade of neglect!

“But Maya,” you may wonder, “why go through last.fm when Spotify also has an API?” Well, friend, Spotify’s API involves an authentication flow which feels incredibly stupid for public information. I am building this rickety clockwork on cron and bash scripts and if that means piping curl output through the trivial jq filter to fix escaping well then so help me god that’s what we’re going to do. Auth flow? Bah!

I may also see about embedding the seasonal playlist in that page.

Speaking of seasonality… I have named my root page on that topic reenchanted time. Cultural determination of the experience of time is fascinating. Spiritual approaches to the experience of time are fascinating. It is important to me to have mushed together saints’ days and solstices and such important seasonal landmarks as The Pumpkin Spice Latte. I’m sure it will eventually end up sorted enough for the convenience of visitors, but if it seems a little higgledypiggledy at first, know that I am actively resisting the normal division of the pagan and Christian, spiritual and secular, and such a resistance complicates taxonomy.

What is the difference between what one wants and what one enjoys?