Witness the new crochet page!

I wrote up a little command line Python thingamajig to pull data from the Ravelry API and throw it into my Jekyll site as a data file. From there, it can be as complicated as I’m willing to make the template–which right now isn’t very.

I haven’t decided how I want to do image hosting for this site; I have the ability to shove images under the assets folder and call it good, but it seems like it’d be better to have them in a hosted service somewhere, or… anyway, until I know what I want there, I can’t decide whether I should be grabbing my images from Ravelry.

Witness my Russian page!

So I’m trying again with Russian a bit more seriously, and I’m putting together some of what I’m doing/consuming in case it might be helpful for someone else. There will be nothing of consequence in Russian on this site since I decided I wouldn’t learn how to type Cyrillic.

Witness commentpara.de!

It’s a tiny thing, but I’ve added a link so people know they can comment using a webmention even if they don’t have their own site. I don’t know if anyone will use it, but it’s there!

I made a different background for November but it looked awful when I tiled it so I may have to come back to that.