site changes

The most obvious change is the icons by external links. I haven’t made up my mind about whether these will stay for good.

Less obvious but much more work was adding support for oembed content of links. Right now I’m embedding things if the main link of a link post is embeddable (example), and then a couple other places adding it. It took a fussy amount of work but I think it’s okay. Why was it work?

  • Instagram doesn’t support embeds without auth tokens, and I’m not into auth flows, so I had to duct tape on an iframe embed solution to the side
  • I want to make sure that I’m not giving a bad experience to all you privacy-oriented people, and since I’m so committed to the Aesthetic the empty embed space when e.g. an Instagram post was blocked bothered me. So figuring out how to detect if the load had been blocked and then remove the embed in the layout was…. a thing. It may not work flawlessly because I am not motivated to test across browsers and such.
  • My builds are now really slow since they involve checking a lot of links for embeddability. I’m really going to have to cache that because technically I am a Computer Professional and I have some integrity. Motivation, on the other hand, suggests that It’ll Be A While.

One thing I’m hoping to do is put together a laugh rule page with things that actually made me laugh aloud. Similarly, I want to embed a bunch of aesthetic Tumblr posts on another page. I don’t want to ping people’s RSS feeds unless I have a decent chunk to say about someone else’s post, but I also want to be able to hoard beautiful things like the goblin I am.


I did a bunch of crocheting in quick succession but then had weird twingey thumb pain in the first join of my thumb. It took forever to go away, so now I’m back at it, trying to keep to yarn where the tension can be looser. My trim will have to wait until I’m more used to holding things properly.

new pages


The idea with my reenchanted time vague thing is to go through the year and try to scratch out what living seasonally means. Food, festivals, superstitions, probably some Spiritual Meaning here and there… I want to be the syncretic mishmash that I wish I could find on the internet. Anyway, anyone who hails from a religious background older than Jesus or newer than Henry VIII1 may not be aware, but Advent is properly the beginning of the new liturgical year, so it’s a good time to start. This page is being sketched out and has a lot missing still, but it’s also inevitable that it won’t have as much as Christmastide anyway, so… really this update is more about the project as a whole.


Looking at real estate on Redfin makes you dream unrealistic things about making a tiny house village with your loved ones and such. I decided to make a page about the concept.


This one is going to be so, so long by the time I’m done with it….

  1. Somewhere, there is a woman who I went to high school with whose ears have started itching. (She was Lutheran, and we had a grand old time razzing each other based on criteria no one else comprehended)