Only two months since the last update, but wow!

After that post, my month was made when Kicks Condor wrote about it. I am going to indulge in elaborate quote-indirection, here: soon thereafter he wrote about Barnsworth Burning, another personal site-wiki-thing, one I thereby found and liked. The relevant Barnsworth1 wrote thereof:

Just want to say: HOLY SHIT I WAS LINKED BY THE KICKS CONDOR. And not just as a “here check out this cool link”, but as a thoughtfully written review that describes much of this site better than I could myself.
This is a big deal for me.

And, well, yes! #gpoy was what we used to say in my Tumblr days, before “Same.” and “it me”…

Anyway, my mood continues buoyed by all that.

Following on community, then:

I’ve been a big fan of a number of sites on Neocities for quite a while now, and as a through-and-through self-hoster, I’ve been horribly jealous of the community of the site. So I joined the Yesterweb Discord2. The folks there are really cool! And I felt even more jealous.

Then Grafo of Grafo Volaverunt mentioned using redirects on a Neocities account to a VPS-hosted site.


So I set up my own nasty little shell script to create and update redirect pages and I now have a nicely functional Neocities profile for this site!

Essentially it’s all duplicative of what you’d get if you follow my feed including* the updates, so no need to pay attention to it if you found me elsewhere.

If you do use Neocities, see if this bookmarklet I made floats your boat.

If your ears perked up at the phrase “nasty little shell script”, I have something for you.

Decent number of new additions to the blogroll. I feel embarrassed to not have had Robin Sloan on there because I remember being annoyed I couldn’t find an RSS feed on his site before! I have started looking in the actual source code of sites for RSS feeds3, and have much better luck now than when I was picking over pixels looking for little icons. So that’s my recommendation: Robin Sloan, and view-source.

There is a very snazzy calendric icon midway down my page on human relation to time. I won’t write too much about it just now because

a. part of the whole point of that page is elaborating on ideas I tried to get into the icon, and b. I ordered rubber stamps of it that I’m hoping to use to help explain it later.

Via this gist, there is now a little moon phase at the bottom of the boxes on this site. It is supposed to be the current moon phase, though I can’t say I fully trust the calculation yet.

The gramophone! Do try clicking on the gramophone. Anywhere it appears there should be a unique MIDI assigned to that page4. It works on Chrome and Firefox, and I try to forget other browsers exist… It’s very annoying that one can’t rely on computers being able to play MIDIs anymore without packaging up all the software to do it for them. If anyone has any complaints about page size, take it up with the jerks who removed support for that.

There is a neat new page about altsearch. Altsearch a term that as far as I know I’ve coined5 to refer to search engines created in a post-Google world to achieve a fundamentally different goal, information-retrieval-wise, than imitating Google. So, for example, while Duck Duck Go is a great alternative search engine to Google, it isn’t altsearch, since the whole idea with DDG is to be able to use it instead of Google in the same type of way you would use Google, but without the privacy implications…

What is altsearch, then?

Go see.

Let’s quicken the pace!

If you don’t set max-width for your HTML text, I hate you.

I quickly reviewed the first volume of the new Vampire: The Masquerade comic.

A lot of new stuff on death and Halloween.

It turned out I am just as unsuited for dogless life now as I was before Heloise. Now there is Hecuba.

I’m doing Inktober! So it’s timely that I also made a page about inks to match the one about pens.

iterum pluit. semper pluit! nos solem numquam videmus!

It says something unflattering, humility-wise, that each of us trying this whole personal website thing seems to eventually put together a page of advice for others thinking of doing the same, but I have been asked…

I wonder how many saint pages I’ll end up with? Never mind that, here’s Hildegard’s.

SVGs are useful.

I miss fan shrines. I’m not sure this page about True Blood would really qualify, but the one I still need to make about The Locked Tomb certainly will…

For a while I switched the background image to an SVG version I made myself, but rendering the particle animations seems to have given some people’s computers trouble. That’s what you get for trying to be careful with file size, I suppose!

There is more, of course, that I don’t highlight, because if you haven’t found it via some page linking to it, it probably isn’t for you. Solve my riddles three, yada yada.

  1. I cannot imagine taking on a nom de plume if I were blessed with the surname Trombley, but we of this here DNS record respect artistic choices. 

  2. This is after years, mind you, of being too prissy to use Discord because, well, uh, “no we have discord at home” “the discord you have at home”. But with this and with the Kicks-Weiwei cabal, the allure was too great. 

  3. Entries as in the header of mine: <link type="application/atom+xml" rel="alternate" href="" title="" /> 

  4. though uniqueness is not enforced programmatically, so I may forget and slip up. Let’s say it’s for effect… 

  5. Well look, I didn’t say I thought it was creative or anything…