Hallo leute!

A bit updated on altsearch and I now have some experience with more expensive gouache.

We visited Anacortes, so that gets a page now even though it’s just quick notes about the places we visited.

There are a number of new book reviews/notes linked from the books page.

I have a very silly project to reverse-engineer Trader Joe’s Reduced-Guilt Mac and Cheese.

If you use hypothes.is and have ever been annoyed that the Firefox bookmarklet wouldn’t work on a particular site, this is for you.

If you use Miniflux and want some cute CSS for it, this is for you.

If you’ve ever thought Wikipedia could be cooler-looking, try this.

Good new words lately.

If you’ve ever been interested in Tiddlywiki, I’m working on a forkable setup for it on Glitch, inspired by Tom Critchlow. It’s fully usable at the moment – perhaps the most usable way to try out Tiddlywiki, independently of my personal modifications – but it may yet improve.