like painting a rented apartment

It makes any corporate website feel more like a space I’ve put up curtains in. Companies spend a lot of money on brand typography because they believe it matters; if I agree with them that it’s important, I may want to tear theirs down.

Changing the font has a bigger impact than you might think, even if you’re going from one flavorless sans-serif to another.

I use Stylus to apply user styles.

When I write user styles, I try to make them okay by my intuitive CSS standards, but sometimes you’re going to have to use some bad practices (!important) to bash things into shape.

I hope to eventually switch to hosting my styles as user CSS instead of keeping things in my local browser (and these code blocks…).

I have had little success looking for user styles to use as a base for my modifications. It feels like this ought to be more popular, though I suppose since nothing does this on mobile yet that’s unlikely.