look at this just look at it

Snufkin - Melody of Moominvalley | スナフキン

like… even the CSS parallax makes me want to cry it’s so GOOD I can’t WAIT

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The board game is really good and the videogame version is better – birdsong, automatic calculation of how far along your opponents are,


No spoilers!! I’m pretty much just past Undyne-fight (and oof that was hard). The music really is as incredible as people said.

Also in rotation

Fallen London

A slightly edgier Terry Pratchett vibe. I’ve fallen off this one, though I don’t recall why…

Sunless Seas

This game is too hard! But I love all the flavor and story. But it’s too hard.

Game Boi1

WitchCraft TD (PICO-8)

On the one hand, this is a very evil game because I stayed up until 12:30 AM playing it. On the other hand, it is very very good.

Mai-chan’s Sweet Buns (PICO-8)

It’s sort of like a Bejeweled game meets Overcooked! meets Solitaire. The music and art is all very cute. 10/10 recommend.

8 Legs to Love (PICO-8)

A web building game where you play as a spider seems really obvious once you hear the idea yet totally fresh to play. I haven’t played it enough to not fail pathetically.

Bokdown (TIC-80)

You’re a dog, and you have to bark chickens into a coop, and it’s a puzzle game, and there is also cute music. Win win win win.

Combo Pool (PICO-8)

I am not proud of the amount of time I have spent playing this. Think Pool + 2048.

Same 2 (TIC-80)

It’s a nice little game I seem to remember playing a variant of on someone’s palm pilot when I was growing up (and deemed lucky enough to be allowed to touch such a fancy piece of electronics).

Sanki (PICO-8)

A cute lil’ sledding doohickey. Tilt to not faceplant. As lovely for the snow animation as anything else.

An Autumn With You (GBC2)

This game is very short; it will take you under twenty minutes. Think of a slightly poignant film short. Make sure to appreciate how elegant the backgrounds are. The music is a B+.



I’m no good yet, but I will be!


RimWorld on Steam

Fuck. Shit. I desperately want to believe that the Steam metrics on how much I’ve played this (since it was given to me on Christmas) are wrong, because I do leave the application running all the time, but… Ugh. Would I recommend this? Not if you have things you need to get done. Has it taken hold of my brain? Yes.

Stardew Valley

I’ve felt a little anxiety about how little there is to guide you about what you should be doing… except talking to the NPCs more, which is the part of the game I find least engaging. That said, it’s just as nice as people say.

Skill-based Minesweeper

You might think “but I know how to play Minesweeper.” No! You do not! You know how to play a slot machine themed after the true logical elegance that is this Minesweeper!

Animal Crossing

I feel like my island has reached a consumerist stage where I’m not totally happy with it, but “just buying more stuff” isn’t appealing. What a COVID lifesaver, though.


Do you know the game Settlers of Catan? It’s great, right? Have you tried to use the official apps for computer play? It’s horrible, right? Colonist.io has stepped in to provide a really nice play experience, even if the IP use involved may feel questionable. Here’s my profile there with my abysmal stats.


This is the cutest game ever and I feel incredible affection for it. However, firing up the PC3 to play it is enough of a hassle I haven’t logged many hours.

  1. This is not a term of art but for some reason thinking of unlicensed sort-of-reminiscent-of-Game-Boy-but-really-their-own-thing games as this makes me happy. 

  2. Game Boy Color, though only kind of; it’s a four-color game as a Game Boy game would be, but with a nice palette mapping 

  3. I bought the PC expressly to play Ooblets.