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Do you know the game Settlers of Catan? It’s great, right? Have you tried to use the official apps for computer play? It’s horrible, right? has stepped in to provide a really nice play experience, even if the IP use involved may feel questionable. Here’s my profile there with my abysmal stats.


This is the cutest game ever and I feel incredible affection for it. However, firing up the PC1 to play it is enough of a hassle I haven’t logged many hours.


Skill-based Minesweeper

You might think “but I know how to play Minesweeper.” No! You do not! You know how to play a slot machine themed after the true logical elegance that is this Minesweeper!

Animal Crossing

I feel like my island has reached a consumerist stage where I’m not totally happy with it, but “just buying more stuff” isn’t appealing. What a COVID lifesaver, though.

  1. I bought the PC expressly to play Ooblets.