image of me

Age: Nearly thirty but not quite
Sex:Pronouns, I guess: she, her
Location: Seattle area

I have a day job in a field where no one is impressed by the kind of thing I’m trying to do here. My cursed CSS experiments have nothing to do with the back-back-back-end dev work I do during the day. My employer has never wanted me to share an opinion publicly, and I do my best every day to ensure they never will. If you were looking for a CV, may I recommend my out-of-date LinkedIn? I had it linked here, but you know, I’ve just realized there’s no point to it.1

You will have a better time if you are more interested in things like my heraldry.

Rest easy assured that I intend no monetization.

me, but elsewhere

illustration of me in the black dress of which i own 7

  1. And really, if you’re interested in me in any professional context please just go on and close this site. Nothing scandalous, just… irrelevant. 

  2. Possibly merits a deprecation warning. I’d intended it for a specific purpose and will probably move the content from there such that it may regain that purpose. 

  3. As that link will tell you, I don’t expose stuff to the public internet through because I already have this site. That said, if you’re active there, I’m a big fan of the internal BBS…